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History of Wyrelee

Three Special Companions


I would like to introduce you to the three wires that got me started.  They are pictured in a type of triangle.  At the top is the first wire I ever owned.  Her name was Trixie Lee Tiburtius CD.  On her left is her daughter Wyrelee Foxfyre Princess CD (mother of my first homebred champion).  Fyre's brother, Wyrelee Volponi Poco CD, is on the right.  These three little terriers went everywhere with me and attracted crowds wherever we went.

Once a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle found me at a fun match, interviewed me, took pictures of the dogs and then printed a cute article about them in the Sunday edition.  That should tell you I was living in Northern California at the time.

A Few Years Later...


A few years later along came Ch. WYRELEE BANNED IN BOSTON CD ROM.  She was the daughter of Fyre and the joy of my life.  The things that that little dog taught me and the experiences that we had together are the stuff that should have been made into a movie!  Bandy produced 5 champions, one of which is pictured here with her as she went BOB at the Santa Clara Kennel Club show.  Her daughter, (WYRELEE LIBERTY BELLE) soon to be a champion herself, went winners bitch and best of winners for one of her majors that day. 

My special buddy...


When Eng. Ch. Sunnybrook Spot On came to the United States, I thought I had never seen a more beautiful wire.  He literally gave me goose bumps whenever I saw him in the flesh or in publications.  I knew I had to find a bitch I could breed to him.  Lucky for me Ch. Townville Tobias was imported from England.  I purchased a son of his from the Libners of Michigan and bred him to "Banned in Boston". The resulting litter produced a lovely bitch that was born on Halloween.  She became CH. WYRELEE HOBGOBLIN.  She was bred to "Spot On" and produced his last live litter which consisted of three males.  Two of them became champions and the one I kept was CH. WYRELEE MAGIC DRAGON (Buddy), who is pictured here.  He is behind the dogs I have now and was one of my favorite ones.  Many times over the years you have to make a decision to place a dog with a family when you think you will not be needing them for future planned breedings.  I decided to place Buddy with three different families and each time he ran away from them and started to come home to me.  After the third time, I decided he would not be happy anywhere except with me and so he stayed until he got cancer at 12 years of age.  He used to lay at my feet while I washed dishes or graded the papers of my students.  Whenever I think of him today, I always have a smile on my face.

The Next Few Years...


During the next few years several new wires carried the Wyrelee banner.  Ch. Wyrelee's First Noel ROM, one of "Banned in Boston's" champion kids, started producing some good ones herself.  She is pictured on the left.  Then I acquired a beautiful bitch that was a bit large to show, but she was a very good producer as she gave me group winning Ch. Wyrelee More Ringside Gossip (on right).

I would be remise if I did not mention three kennels that had a big influence on my line and in my life.  If you research into the pedigrees of my dogs you will find several crosses to Wendywyre (Dick and Laura Forkel, Amwire (Ann McKee) and Brownstone, (John and Ann Brown).

Followed By.....


There was a very special bitch I bought from Harold Shook of Halsho Kennels.  He was kind enough to sell a true novice a lovely 6 month old bitch that became Ch. Halsho Whirlaway of Wyrelee ROM.  I personally showed this bitch as a special after finishing her and she reached number 6 wire in tough California competition at the time.  By combining her bloodlines with the ones of "Banned in Boston",  I was able to produce some very nice wires.  Two of them are pictured here.  Both are grandchildren of "Whirlaway" and out of her daughter,  Ch. Wyrelee's The Huntress ROM, who was sired by Ch. Brownstone's MacBroom.  Here you see Ch. Wyrelee Delightful Demon and Ch. Wyrelee Riders to Hounds (a grandson of Sunnybrook Spot On).

Today's Dogs Come From the Past...


When I bought "Tiffany", pictured here, (Ch. Halsho Whirlaway of Wyrelee ROM) from Harold Shook I had no idea how important that decision was going to turn out.  A son (Ch. Wyrelee's The Huntsman) was bred to Ch. Wyrelee Banned in Boston CD ROM.  That combination produced three champions and is still being seen in the pedigrees of the dogs I have in 2010.

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