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Ch. Halsho Whirlaway of Wyrelee


Dan Kiedrowski, editor and publisher of Terrier Type,  took this picture after I came out of the ring at the Santa Clara show with Tiffaney.  He just loved her look.  A few weeks later I got this picture in the mail from him.  I think it caught her regal attitude.

Tug of War

tug of warsmaller.jpg

Ch. Wyrelee Hot Stuff and Ch. Wyrelee's First Noel having a rough and tumble time in their backyard in Sacramento, California.

Attack the Noise


Here you see a 5 month old (Rachel's brother) attacking that mean, awful vacuum cleaner. I think the pup did not win!!!!

Head Study


Ch. Wyrelee Double Trouble CD. Note the beautiful white head with dark pigmentation around the eyes and the perfectly matched tan ears. Once when I was getting him ready for the ring, a judge came up to me and said that I would have a hard time getting him his championship because of his white head. I looked at him and asked him if that was true, how come there was a champion white faced bitch in Texas that had just gone Best In Show? He didn't have an answer and just walked away. Trouble and I picked up a couple of points that day!

Callie's First Snow


Future Ch. Wyrelee California Dreamin' experiences her first snow. She had a blast!

First AKC Show

First AKC show1aa copy.jpg

This was the very first time I ever went to an AKC dog show.  Here I am showing my very first wire (Trixie) in the Novice Class at the Santa Cruz show in September of 1970.  The judge, Len Carey, was studying this picture of this novice proudly showing her little favorite pet.  After looking at me and Trixie, he walked up and handed me a red ribbon which was second place, saying "I can find nothing redeeming about your bitch".  We were the only exhibitors in the ring.  Needless to say, I was very embarrassed and vowed to never show her again.  That was the right thing to do as she really was not show quality.  But, I didn't know any better at the time.  I studied, went to training classes, went to many shows and watched what the handlers were doing and started showing her daughter.  Several years later, I showed a great-grandaughter of Trixie under the same judge and he gave me Best of Breed.  That was an exciting win.

Santa Cruz show

April and me at Santa Cruz.1a copy.jpg

Several years later I was showing my bitch Wyrelee April Fool (born on April Fool's Day).  Just before entering the ring a top terrier handler, who also had a nice bitch, turned around to look at my wire.  He wanted to know who she was.  I told him it was just another one of my good ones.  When the judging was over, I walked out the winner beating him and a couple of others.  Another good day for Wyrelee Wires!

Wire Brace

Ch. Wire Brace copy2.jpg

Many people think that a wire can never get along with another dog, especially another wire.  Here you see Ch. Wyrelee Hot Stuff and Ch. Wyrelee's First Noel winning Best Brace at the Golden Gate Kennel Club.  Another year I showed two bitches in the group ring.  There were many people watching,  just waiting for the two of them to start fighting.  Much to everyone else's disappointment, they were perfect angel's on that day.  That was Champion Wyrelee Banned in Boston CD ROM and her daughter, Ch. Wyrelee Hob-Goblin.  The spectators did not know that they were mother and daughter and that these two loved each other a lot.  That was my little secret....